Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Review // Kotex Batikfield X KLFW

     Assalamualaikum ;)
Dear Sweet Stalker ,

Hello guys, this post actually fazz nak cerita pengalaman fazz time pergi KLFW. So permulaan ceritanya la, fazz dapat this one campaign from KOTEX. Long short story, I accepts the campaign and I got payment and also 4 tickets to go to KLFW. Which the tickets for two days show and can bring plus one. The campaign posting direction is quite simple. I just have to create a DIY using pack kotex yang terbaru iaitu version BATIK which for me the design is VERY PRETTY ! As you guys can see from the picture above, I create earrings, bangle and also phone casing using the Batik's design and I'm very satisfied with the results. The colour and design really stand out and looks beautiful in the picture.

Down below is my ootd of me when I'm at KLFW. The first outfit is the outfit for KOTEX runaway and the second outfit is for Jovian Mandagie runaway. I'll not share their design here because I want you guys to see it by yourself at their site. ok? deal okay? we got to appreciate their effort and give them the credit. My outfit is simple, yeah I know. I'm still new in this fashion industry. I think thats all I want to say with all of you. Enjoy the photo.

lots of love 



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