Thursday, December 21, 2017

A new change towards 2018

     Assalamualaikum ;)
Dear Sweet Stalker ,

Hello my lovely visitors, another few weeks to go to 2018. New Years and New Chapter of our life. I have made a decision to make a change in my blog. As you can see, now my background, my welcoming arts and my header have change. Next, I want to tell you guys a few things that I want to make in my blog towards 2018.

First of all, my post. For every post after this, I will put a picture of a quote as motivation to all of you and also it can be connected to what I am trying to say. For the beginning, my first quote is "Did you smile today?" girls and guys out there, stay smile even people make bad things to you. Dont show to them that you are weak. Show to them that you are strong enough to face them. Ignore them and be happy. Keep Smiling and be positive okay?

Second, I am planning to do a giveaway. I will post the information about it later. em still find a suitable date as now I am in holiday mood well not very holiday it still holiday. As I am having a study week before my final. When I have a suitable date for the giveaway, I will let you know. I will update it later. SOooooooo Stay tuned girls and guys. 

Lastly, I will focus more on food review in my lovely blog here. Do you want to know why ? nahh its simple .because I love food and I love to eat ! well who doesnt love to eat right ? I want to share to all of you so that all of you can taste the sweet, the delicious and the best part of food. I am still trying to active in blogging again. I will try. Before this in 2011 I started blog to tell about my personal life, but then I move forward and make my first blog to tutorial blog. and this second blog become my personal blog. but no more. my first blog is still available. I will make it my tutorial blog. InsyaAllah I will do another tutorial. This blog is my main blog. I hope all of you understand. hm sayangla nak buang blog yg lagi satu tu.

Btw, whatever it is , keep support me in this part okay? and ppl who keep reading and visit my blog. I would like to express a million thank you to all of you. I am so blessed. Nak selitkan jugak, Doakan saya, Faeznur Fatihah binti Saad semoga berjaya dalam hidup dan sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki. Amin :)

lots of love  



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