Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pemarkahan dan Gred UiTM

     Assalamualaikum ;)
Dear Sweet Stalker ,

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Assalamualaikum and hello ppl . Okay first of all now Im in final exam month. I have done with my first and second paper so three paper more to go. My last paper is on 23rd of January. well to be honest, this semester is not going well for me. My first paper I can say I am confident Im going to pass it but Im not sure about my second paper. Its MGT534 ( Organizational Behavior ). Serius weyh tak boleh buat. hm I hope that I can pass it. Im really afraid.

The whole day after I've answer my paper which is yesterday, I feel something like not feeling well. Im very scared about it. It keep running in my mind and bcs of that also my mood is flying away. at the end of the day I keep myself in my room for the whole day. I swear Im fcking scared. I dont want to repeat it. This is the first time I feel bad for myself bcs of final exam paper. Please wish the best for me. My next paper is Finance on this Sunday. I hope I can doing well in it.

Btw bcs of my disappointed day, I started to read about gred of Uitm and I feel like I want to post it here sharing with all of you. Here is the table of uitm gred (latest update in 2017) :

Sooooo what are you guys think about it? about my Ob case, I dont know about my carry marks so that why I keep thinking negative about. It feels like yesterday I fighting with Ob without gun duh kononnye la hm btw pleasee wish me luck for my other paper. Three more to go. I can I can pass this semester. Amin

If you guys want to ask a question about how to calculate credit or the gred can komen down below. also if you guys wondering the meaning of the code given in the final examination result slip. AD, LU, or others . Ok bye ppl thank you for reading ;)

lots of love  



  1. Good luck for another three paper more to go! don't worry,you gonna through it well! Just cross the finish line! ^^

  2. GV pernah ambik MGT420 dulu. Rasa nak pengsan baca banyak bab. Huhu. GV doakan kak berjaya dengan cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang dalam semua subjek akak ambik sem ini. Chaiyokkk kak. :D

  3. Subjek tu kita ambek sem lepas hehe mmg banyak sangatttt alhamdulillah lepas. InsyaAllah amin terima kasihhh galaksi viral 😊💓