Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm back !

     Assalamualaikum ;)
Dear Sweet Stalker ,

Hey there ! *cough cough*
    Long time not see all of you . well also for me , its been a long day not visiting and posting at here . well my lovely blog . its a brand new day huh . my last updated is on Tuesday, January 21, 2014 | 11:33 PM  errrr' such a longggggg day huh . now already Thursday, May 21, 2015 , 22:54 p.m. its about a year . am i right ? more than a year . okfine . whatever .

    New day, new year, new entry, new story . i think i'm gonna start blogging back . well as u all know . i like to keep everything inside me . but now . i can't hold everything on my own . enough ok . now, i want to share everything w my lovely blog at here . even it cannot help me to settle my problem but its ok cause its can help me to make me lose my stress a little than  usual . well . less is better .

    I don't want to story more . if i talk to much *i mean type* people will not read all of it . usually they only read half or em 1/4 from this not interesting updated . am i right ? *cause i'm like that* btw, new life right . my new life at KOLEJ POLY TECH MARA ALOR SETAR . i take diploma in office management and now em haa on June 3, 2015 i will start my new semester . i reach semester 3 babe . don't believe i did stay here for about a year . *wuuuhuuuu* i can't wait to finish my study . another em *three, four, five* huh 3 sem more to go to finish my dip then rest and insyaAllah continue in degree . *pray for me !*

    Also em when i study i meet a guy *its normal girl ! college life!* and now he is mine . *yayyyy !* our story errr pergh long story to tell babe ! thats guy fuhh its hard u know . and also me ? well babe . jual mahal its normal . i still can't believe he can make me fall in love w him . hiks really in love *blushing* i wish he is the last . this is serious . i want to marry him . he also non stop talk about married . well insyaAllah . kalau ada jodoh tak kemane . doakan kami tau :*

  pfftftft thats all for today . enough fazz enough . errrr i miss typing and em okfine i stop here . next time i update again . bye !


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